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Australia Same Sex Marriage Survey Results

The results are in.

Australia Same Sex Marriage Survey Results @cityofmelbourne

Australia has voted YES to same-sex marriage.

The result was announced by the ABS at 10am with 61.6% of Australians voting “yes” to Same-Sex marriage - representing 7,817,247 of Australians.

The "no" vote received 38.4% which equates to 4,873,987 individuals.

Nearly 8 in 10 Australians had their say in the vote. 

It will now be up to parliament whether a bill is passed before Christmas.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten told Triple M this morning he believed it was likely Parliament could go to a conscience vote before it finishes sitting on December 7.



What’s happened so far:

The journey to this point has been a tumultuous one with almost one million changes made to the electoral roll ahead of the survey and 90,000 names added to the roll.

Celebrities including, Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe joined the 'Yes' campaign on August 12, with the Olympic medalist saying it was important for "the message it sends to a young me. Singer Kylie Minogue and Hollywood stars Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe are among others to have backed same-sex marriage on social media, while Wallabies star Israel Folau tweeted he would not support same-sex marriage.

American rapper Macklemore also became immersed in the debate ahead of singing his 2012 chart-topper Same Love at the NRL grand final on October 1 – angering former prime minister Tony Abbott and right-wing independent MP Bob Katter. Attorney-General George Brandis labelled Abbott's comments "bizarre".

Earlier in the campaign, Abbott head-butted by a same-sex marriage supporter who later said the attack had nothing to do with gay marriage – just his personal opinion of Abbott.

A 'Vote NO' message was written in the sky over Sydney on September 17, while a simple 'NO' was written above Melbourne on October 10. The skywriting appeared to be crowdfunded through a Go Fund Me page.

There’s also been extreme pressure on the LGBTQI community with Reach Out confirming a 40% increase in young people accessing their services.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, on August 21, blasted a poster spotted in a Melbourne laneway carrying the slogan "stop the fags", which appeared to trace back to the message board of a neo-Nazi website. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told 2Day FM he was offended by such posters while defending the vast majority of people who do not agree with same-sex marriage, as not homophobic.