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Aussies Are The Biggest Meth Users

Canberra launches new crackdown

Aussies Are The Biggest Meth Users

The Federal Government is cracking down on international drug cartels looking to make money off Australia's high demand for meth.

Meth consumption has tripled to 270,000 users in Australia over the past five years, making Aussies the highest per capita consumers in the world.

In response, Canberra will increase efforts to head-off shipments of the drug, before it hits our shores.

The International Methamphetamine Disruption Strategy was announced this morning, and will see our agencies work closely with other countries under a new strategy to tackle the ice scourge.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said organised criminals all over the world were interested in exploiting Australia's enormous appetite for ice.

"Mexican drug cartels are joining together with Asian crime families, with West African distribution networks," said Mr Keenan.