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Aussie Woman's Tragically Ironic Instagram Post Before Death

26yo killed in Bali

Aussie Woman's Tragically Ironic Instagram Post Before Death

Pic: Instagram 

A young Aussie woman who died in a horror scooter crash while holidaying in Bali had just days before posted a video on Instagram of her riding through the island, apologising to her mum for not wearing a helmet.

Indonesian police say 26-year-old Ella Knights wasn't wearing a helmet when she fatally crashed on Wednesday, suffering serious injuries.

Less than a week ago she posted this video while happily riding on the back of a mate's scooter with the hashtag #nohelmet.


The Australian government's SmartTraveller website does have a lot of strong warnings about the dangers of using motorbikes in Bali, stating that a number of foreigners have been killed or seriously injuries in motorcycle accidents in tourist areas.

Pic: SmartTraveller 

Ella's death has been reported to the Australian consulate in Bali and an autopsy will happen in the coming weeks to determine the exact cause of death.