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Aussie Woman Facing 25yrs In Colombian Jail On Drug Smuggling Charges

Family say 22 year old was set up

Aussie Woman Facing 25yrs In Colombian Jail On Drug Smuggling Charges

The family of a South Australian woman arrested in Colombia with 5.8 kg of cocaine in her luggage say she's been set up by a man she'd only just met. 

Cassandra Sainsbury's in prison waiting for a hearing in 2 months time, after the drugs were found hidden inside 15 boxes of headphones. 

Sister Khala says the bride-to-be bought them from a friend of her tour guide, planning to use them as gifts for her bridal party. 

"It was pretty much 'if you guy these gifts, I can get them for cheaper' and Cassie, being young, thought she'd do it"

Khala has started an online campaign to raise funds for legal fees and says she is innocent.

"The authorities rushed through her hearing, and was denied bail. It sounds like they want to make an example of her," Khala Sainsbury said on the FundRazr page.

"Now because of being denied bail, she is now being held at Colombia's biggest women's prison, which is over populated by about 50,000 people."

Mum Lisa Evans, said she was "scared to death" for her daughter.

"I'm devastated that my little girl is in this place. Our family just wants her home safe"

"The anger inside of me.. that someone could do this to an innocent girl.. I don't know how a person could do that"

DFAT has confirmed it's offering assistance.