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Aussie Scientists Developing Vaccine For Breast Cancer

Could help 1 in 4 patients

Aussie Scientists Developing Vaccine For Breast Cancer Pixabay

An Australian company is developing a vaccine to treat one of the most common forms of breast cancer.

Studies on the HER-vaxx jab, which stimulate the body's immune system against the cancer, have been successful in mice and could help 25 per cent of women whose breast cancer over-expresses the HER-2 protein, which causes a more aggressive form of the disease to develop.

Researchers say the vaccine could also help some gastric cancer patients.

Once human trials are completed and if successful, the vaccine may be used in combination with chemo and radiation therapy to treat the disease by focusing of a boost of the patient's immune system.

It's unsure how far away we are from this vaccine becoming a reality for Australian breast cancer patients, but it's hoped it could one day save thousands of women's lives across the globe.