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Aussie Climber Dies On Everest

Deadly Summit Claims 2 Others

Aussie Climber Dies On Everest

Photo: AAP

An Aussie mountain climber was among three who died on Mount Everest at the weekend.

The 54-year old Australian, who hasn't been named, died with storms and high winds hitting the world's tallest peak. He passed away on the Tibet side of the mountain after suffering altitude sickness, according to a report in the Himalayan Times.

A record number of climbers are making the trek to the top this year, with 375 permits issued to far. The high traffic volume has fuelled concerns there may be safety issues on the mountain. An estimated 60 climbers made the summit in Nepal over the weekend.

Two Everest climbers had already died this year. The climb is extremely dangerous, with the risk of high-altitude related sicknesses. Every spring climbing season in recent years has claimed lives, with more than 280 deaths recorded on the mountain since 1953.