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Aussie Bloke Waves To The Camera As He Takes A Dive Off A Moving Train

But... why?

Aussie Bloke Waves To The Camera As He Takes A Dive Off A Moving Train Brown Cardigan/ Instagram

In one of the coolest displays of nonchalance we've ever seen, an Australian bloke has given the camera a wave before diving off a moving train in Perth over the weekend.

The 15 second video was originally posted to Brown Cardigan's social media but has since gone viral because, obviously, it's absolutely insane.

In it, the unnamed train surfer can be seen crouched on the last carriage of the train as it travels over the Fremantle Railway Bridge in Western Australia.

As he waves to the camera, he stands up and jumps off into the water below, just about missing a concrete pillar.


But Public Transport Authority spokeswoman Claire Krol told Perth Now that it wasn't just the concrete thad could have proved fatal.

"Aside from the fact that he's managed to survive the fall... he was standing just beneath 25,000 volt overheard wires," she said. 

"Those wires can actually arc so you don't need to reach out to touch one of those wires or even rub against one for it to electrocute someone."

The PTA is now investigating the incident, with CCTV footage indicating that the man climbed onto the train at North Fremantle station at about 10.30am on Saturday.

If caught, he could be facing 12 months imprisonment and a $12,000 fine for trespassing.