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Aussie Bloke Gets Tattoo To Pledge His Undying Love For A KFC Burger

Zinger Stacker his one true love

Aussie Bloke Gets Tattoo To Pledge His Undying Love For A KFC Burger KFC/Facebook (Tom Fletcher)

A NSW teenager's Facebook post to fast food chain KFC is going viral, after he shared a hilarious story of his undying love for their Zinger Stacker burger.

Tom Fletcher, from Albury, loves the burger so much he even decided to get the Arabic translation for 'Zinger Stacker' tattooed on his ribs.

Fletcher posted a beautiful tribute on the official KFC Facebook page, in hopes of nabbing a few freebies for his efforts.

"Growing up my parents have told me to chase my dreams and never let go of the things I love the most. After dealing with heart break after heart break I soon learnt my one and only true love is your zinger stacker," he said in the post.


"After spending countless days and money in your KFC outlets I could not express how much your zinger stacker has influence my life. I decided that I need to spread the word and confess my love for your delicious golden spicy burger and get a tattoo of the one thing that means the most to me."

"Ever since I have got my tattoo I feel as though I carry my happiness with me and since then I share the love of my life with everyone close to me."

"For the reason that I have spent stupid amounts of money on your zinger stackers and have got your burger tattooed on my body I am requesting a discount card for your KFC stores so I can continue to share my love with your burger and continue to share the word how great your burger is."

At this stage, KFC are yet to respond. But we wish Tom the best of luck.