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Aussie Bar Snubs A Royal For Not Having ID

Would You Know Who He Is?

Aussie Bar Snubs A Royal For Not Having ID

The owner of a Queensland bar who snubbed royalty has spoken out about the incident. 

Last Friday Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik was denied entry into the Jade Buddha Bar in Brisbane. 

Jade Buddha manager, Phil Hogan, spoke to Triple M Melbourne about the incident.

"What actually happened was [that] he turned up at the door with seven police officers, they weren't necessarily dressed like police officers, they were from the dignitary protection unit," he said.

"The doormen, three of them, asked for some ID and they said "No... don't you know who he is? The police wouldn't say who he was so they ended up in this sort of stand off!

"They said "He's European royalty and married to an Australian", we thought it sounded like Prince Frederik but they could have been terrorists for all we know. Guys in plain clothes with guns at the door, you just don't know."

Queensland Government's new ID scanning regime, which came into effect on July 1 now require anymore who is entering a venue in a Safe Night Precincts after 10pm to have their ID scanned. 

Hogan said it was a tough situation for the staff as they didn't want to break the law in front of the police. 

"They finally Googled him and said yep! That's Prince Frederik. But then we still didn't have it cleared by liquor licensing. By the time I got back to them he was gone. But 15 minutes later he came back again. He was keen to go there."

"He actually drinks dark and stormy (Bundaberg Rum and ginger beer). We've noticed a few people of that ilk enjoy that drink."