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Aussie Airlines Fail To Crack Top 30 For Customer Satisfaction

Global study revealed

Aussie Airlines Fail To Crack Top 30 For Customer Satisfaction

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Aussie airlines haven't rated too well in an international consumer group study on customer satisfaction.

11,000 passengers who've travelled in the past year were quizzed on things like punctuality, how staff treat them, comfort on-board and value for money, with long delays and lost luggage topping the list of pet peeves.

As for the airlines, none of the Australian carriers managed to make the top 30. Qantas came close, ranked the best national carrier at 36th, rival Virgin Australia came in at 51st, while Jetstar came in dead last at 73rd out of 73 airlines.

Emirates was crowned the best worldwide airline for customer satisfaction, followed by Columbia's Avianca and Luxair, based in the small European country of Luxembourg.

"Aussie airlines for a long time have had a culture of putting their customers last," said Tom Godfrey, CHOICE Head of Media.

"Whether it be displaying 'no refund' signs through their online checkout, excessive cancellations fees, or just not arriving on time. The airlines have a lot of work to do before they're considered the best in the world."

Jetstar have slammed the survey, however. A spokesman said the company believes there are "a lot of holes" in the survey.

"Our main competitor Tiger was left out because they didn't collect enough responses, so they veracity of the report is questionable."

"Choice seems to enjoy criticising airlines without understanding the safety standards we operate to or recognising the role of low-cost carriers in making travel more affordable for millions of Australians."

"We know how important it is to get customers to their destination on time and we recognise there is room for improvement and our team is doing a lot of work behind the scenes. We'll always put safety before schedule."