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Apprentice Numbers Drop BIG TIME

Is it because of the $$$ ??

Apprentice Numbers Drop BIG TIME

The Aussie tradie's becoming an endangered species, with the number of people taking on apprenticeships down by almost 50% since 2012.

In 2016, there were 282,900 apprentices, who make up just 2.7% of Australia's total workforce.

Plenty are questioning why young people would even bother with a trade these days, given the weekly pay packet can be as little as $320.

Canberra's now facing calls to overhaul the system and get rid of the perceievd stigma surrounding TAFE study.

Triple M's Marto (who's a builder himself and has employed apprentices) has wondered whether the work is simply too hard.

Get across his perspective, and let us know what you reckon?