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Almost $100,000 Paid In Global Cyber Attack Ransom

300,000+ systems affected

Almost $100,000 Paid In Global Cyber Attack Ransom

More than $94,000 AUD has been paid in ransom in the wake of the global cyber attack, dubbed 'WannaCry', and yet the White House says it is aware of no instances in which the payment has led to the successful recovery of data. 

The US homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, says more than 300,000 computer systems across 150+ countries have been infected. 

According to security firm Avast, it is one of the largest coordinated attacks to hit computers across the world.

While a handful of Australian systems have been affected, those in Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and India are the most affected. 

The virus has been hitting computers running older versions of operating systems like Windows. 

British media is hailing a 22-year-old computer security whiz who appeared to have helped stop the attack from spreading by discovering a "kill switch" - an internet address which halted the virus when activated.

As for who's responsible? Well, the speculation has started..