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AFP Are Investigating A Development In Cassie Sainsbury's Court Case


AFP Are Investigating A Development In Cassie Sainsbury's Court Case Image: Nine News

The Australian Federal Police are reportedly investigating a new development in Cassie Sainsbury’s alleged involvement with an international drug syndicate.

As the 22-year-old awaits the outcome of a court hearing in Colombia, new details appear to confirm a mystery man named “Angelo” does in fact exist – with possible ties to Australia, Seven News reports.

"The prosecutor is sure that this person is real, is a Colombian person and is in the country at this time," her lawyer Orlando Herran said.

Mr Herran alleges “Angelo” – who allegedly supplied Cassie with six kilograms of cocaine hidden inside headphones – visited Australia and China before heading to Colombia.

Prosecutors have speculated Cassie could have been used as a decoy to smuggle an even larger shipment of cocaine into the country, when she was arrested at Bogota airport in April.

Mr Herran says authorities are investigating if “10 or 20 persons” are connected to the alleged syndicate.

"There are people in Australia, there are people in Hong Kong, there are people in London and there are people in Colombia," he said.

The AFP has confirmed they’re working with authorities in Colombia but declined to comment on the case.

Cassie’s lawyer believes she may be set free if “Angelo” can be found before her case resumes in court on November 1 – with a six-year plea deal her next best option.