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Accused Bourke St Killer's Bizarre ‘Illuminati’ Rant

'I've been controlled by the Government'

Accused Bourke St Killer's Bizarre ‘Illuminati’ Rant

Image: Facebook

A Magistrate has been forced to interrupt the accused Bourke St killer in a Melbourne court as he went on bizarre rant blaming the "illuminati."

Dimitrious "Jimmy" Gargasoulas appeared in the Melbourne Magistrate's Court via video-link on Friday, to discuss driving and drug related charges that are unrelated to the January 20 rampage in the CBD that left six people dead.

Gargasoulas said he was under stress because he was being controlled by the government.

"It's not fair I've been controlled by the government," he said.

"All because I hold the key to Freemasons treasure, which is a very prosperous life for all mankind.

"I'm very sad for everything that's happened, but that's due to the illuminati," he said before the link was cut off.

Friday's court appearance followed an outburst in April where Gargasoulas declared he was the "saviour."

Gargasoulas is accused of driving on the wrong side of the road and ignoring a police direction to stop after an incident in St Kilda last year.

He is due to front court again on this matter on July 27.