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ABC In Hot Water For Tim Minchin Video

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ABC In Hot Water For Tim Minchin Video

In the lead up to the postal vote on same sex marriage, there has been a lot of discussion from prominent figures on this subject matter.

And in typical Tim Minchin fashion, the musician and comedian has composed a song for the occasion.

However, Minchin's version of 'I still call Australia home' is certainly causing a stir, after changing the lyrics to 'I still call Australia hom-ophobic'.

The song contains a litany of criticisms on the matter.

The ABC has come under fire for tweeting out a story regarding Minchin's song, with Communications Minister Mitch Fifield criticising the broadcaster.

“No one should be negatively labelled because of a sincerely held view,” Mr Fifield told the Daily Telegraph.

“All media, with the ABC leading by example, should cover the marriage debate in a respectful and considered manner that provides the opportunity for different views to be heard.”

This also follows reports last week that ABC staffers instructing them to remain impartial.