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A Shocking 75% Of Aussies Won't Hire A Female Tradie

Sexism Still Massive Issue

A Shocking 75% Of Aussies Won't Hire A Female Tradie

You'd think we wouldn't have these issues in 2017, but women working in the trade industry are still dealing with a huge amount of gender discrimination.

A survey from website has found 82% of customers have never tired a female tradie and 75% would request a man over a woman, if given the option.

CEO Jeremy Levitt believes old stereotypes are to blame.

"I guess there is a perception that if you hire a female tradie, she won't be strong enough for the job which is very unfortunate," he said.

"Certainly in the trade game, there are some very old-fashioned views and the attitudes towards women are stuck in the dark ages."

" The industry may have the most skewed gender imbalance of any profession in Australia. But what's worse, the perception women aren't up to the job. We really encourage more women to learn a trade and hope that with time the backward opinions will change."

It appears age impacts choice when it comes to gender assumptions, with Gen Y respondents the most likely to give females a go. 30% admitted they'd actually prefer a female to do the job.

"It's the 21st century and there's no doubt women are equally talented and skilled in trade. If you need to hire a tradie, give the women a go. It starts with the common people, we'll make an attitude change one job at a time."