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A Quarter Of Aussies Are Missing Out On A Lunchbreak Daily

Do you get a proper break?

A Quarter Of Aussies Are Missing Out On A Lunchbreak Daily

Almost a quarter of Aussies are working without a lunch break, with new research raising concerns about the workplace environment.

The survey, conducted by TSheets, found that workers commonly felt "chained to their desk" and sought to avoid feeling "guilty" for taking a break.

This has lead more than 23 per cent of employees to work through their lunch break every day.

Just 10 per cent of employees said that they never worked through their meal break.

Common reasons cited included there being too much work to do, while staff shortages were also referenced.

Nearly one quarter said they were asked by their bosses to work through the break on a daily basis.

“Employers are ultimately responsible for their employees’ well-being and safety,” TSheets analyst Sandy Vo said.

“Ensuring employees have adequate breaks to control risks and relieve fatigue can only benefit the business in the end.”

Australian Council of Trade Unions representative Ben Davison said that this was a reflection of the huge amount of power that employers could exert.

“One in four people working through their lunch break is just one of the real life impacts of cost cutting, outsourcing and a culture that tells working people if you complain we can always take away your job," he said.