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50 New Species Of Spiders Found In North QLD


50 New Species Of Spiders Found In North QLD

This is quite possibly the most terrifying news story you'll read today.. 

50 new species of spiders have been discovered in Cape York. 

A team of 23 scientists who made the discoveries over the past fortnight say one species, a huntsman, is the size of a dinner plate. 

It was the first time West Quinkan country, near Laura, has been surveyed. It's accessible only by helicopter. 

They also came across a new species of funnel-web. 

Dr Barbara Baehr said while some of the creatures species were venomous, there was little for humans to fear.

“Most of the spiders are very small, and many of them are ant-eating spiders”

And get this:

“Others are quite pretty, like the peacock spiders."