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Male 'Lower Leg Implants' on the rise in the UK

a good reason to skip leg day

Male 'Lower Leg Implants' on the rise in the UK

For years’ women have ventured down the cosmetic surgery trail, attaining breast implants, lip fillers and other beautifying procedures to enhance one’s image. Now it seems that some men are jumping on the bandwagon, with a procedure that may raise an eyebrow.

 ‘Calf Contouring’ is a 90-minute procedure aimed at beefing up the lower legs. Existing fat from the buttock is removed and surgically placed back inside the patient’s calf muscles, or silicone is implanted to raise and extenuate. The entire procedure costs approximately AU$14,000 and is, apparently, growing rapidly in popularity. Even more so than other ‘male’ cosmetic surgery including buttock augmentation.

Dr. Gary Ross spoke to BBC’s newsbeat.

“We’re seeing a least 2-3 people a week looking for a change in this lower part of the body. Five years ago it was uncommon to have people come in for these treatments, maybe even less than 1 a month.”

Generally speaking, the calf muscle is one of the hardest muscles for gym-goers to build definition, making this type of surgery appealing. Although this cosmetic procedure does come with a risk.

Dr. Ross again.

“Congenitally there may be underlying causes such as skeletal malformations, and acquired causes include trauma. It is important to be examined thoroughly and to investigate any underlying causes before considering surgery,”

One thing is for sure, it definitely gives a new meaning to ‘skipping leg day!’