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The new term scaring bearded men


The beard or facial hair is a much maligned feature of the (generally) male appearance. You either love them or you are completely not fussed by them. ]

What if you liked them A LOT, so much so that is was creating confusion when you were romantically pursuing this bearded man (or woman I suppose)...

A dating term that has been cropping up across social media is 'shaveducking' , which is basically how you describe someone who is unsure if he/she is attracted to their partner, or just the beard they don on their face.

Beard, in particular well manicured beards, appear to be fashionable right now. And social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder etc. are awash with men with well-thought out and executed stubble or thick face hair. When daters are venturing across these platforms and pursuing these facial haired men, after some time they have been left questioning if his jawline is as strong as it appeared in their photos, or if their cheekbones are that sharp... these people are called 'shaveduckers'.

As beards become trendy, more people are reporting this feeling which can strike at any stage in a relationship. It can also happen deep into a relationship as the person may suddenly feel repulsed when their partner goes clean shaven.

Again, one for the dictionary for the new age - 'shaveducking', the uneasy feeling which takes over when a person wonders if they are attracted to their partner or just his beard.

It's a weird and wonderful (social media) world we live in!

To hear Sean's chat on 'shaveducking' and his encounter with a 'shaveducker' head to the Catch Up link here: