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My journey up to Frenchman's Peak

A beautiful sight...need better cardio

My journey up to Frenchman's Peak

Last week, I put the feelers out to the listeners of Triple M Esperance. Being a very keen explorer, I wondered where I needed to go next, what should I explore first, what is the best thing to see here in Esperance. With many results and a big list to work with of places to visit over the next several months, I decided upon Frenchman's Peak. To describe the experience in one word, "breath-taking" comes to mind. Not only for the spectacular views, but also my lack of cardio conditioning (lol).

After 45minutes of climbing and exploring, I reached the top and wowee...what a sight. One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. I even had the the time to chat to a couple of locals and travelers, about their journey up the Peak as well. 

If you haven't had the chance to do it, I highly recommend visiting it. Carry lots of water and some food of coarse and take your camera. 

I will have the interview and some snippets of my journey up Frenchmans Peak on this Tuesdays show. Join me from 530am for breakfast - Draker