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Coffs Coast Crash Captured on Dashcam

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Coffs Coast Crash Captured on Dashcam

A single vehicle crash that stopped traffic on the Pacific Highway north of Coffs Harbour on Friday afternoon has been caught on camera.

Just after 3pm, the highway heading south near Sapphire Beach came to a complete halt after a Holden Commodore appeared to cross from the right lane before hitting wire barriers on the left of the road and rolling in front of traffic travelling behind.

The crash was caught on dash cam by one Triple M listener, Christopher, who had been following the car.

He said, the driver was earlier, “driving erratically in the lead up to the accident”.

How the crash didn’t end up worse is a miracle with a tanker truck following just metres behind thankfully able to pull up the rig in time.

When posting the video of the crash on social media, Christopher said, “apart from the accident, the main concern was the fuel tanker that was behind us but luckily he was able to stop in time”.

The male driver was transported to hospital.