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Have Dave Grohl & Courtney Love Made Up?

Rocks biggest feud finally over

Have Dave Grohl & Courtney Love Made Up? Dave Grohl, Courtney Love (

Courtney Love has posted a photo on her personal instagram eluding to the feud between her a Dave Grohl is over.

The two have been at each other since Grohl’s time in Nirvana when Love married Kurt Cobain.

Since then the disagreement has affected decisions being made on Nirvana’s future records and films.

The photo shared by Love is of the two rock icons cosy in a snap captioned with a quote by Grohl and sending Grohl "big love".

Fans have responded with mixed emotions saying;

But you guys don’t like each other?”, “We all know Dave really hates Courtney, it’s written all over his face”

with others happy with the reunion saying; “This pic gives me life”, “(Courtney Love) I’m proud of you” and “I love seeing this”.

See the post:


With this reunion we’re expecting more from camp Nirvana.