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The 7 Grooming Hacks Every Bloke Needs To Know

The secret vodka cure for BO

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Seven tips to look even better with even less effort. Do your skin a favour. 



Get more out of your shower every morning: brush your teeth and scrub your face in there. You could even shave as well. It’s better to do all that while your skin is soft and moist, plus it saves a heap of time.

Keep your cologne cool

Storing your fragrances in a cool, dark place helps extend their life by years. When a fragrance gets exposed to light or heat it gets broken down and its aroma ruined, so find a cupboard away from the heating ducts and the sun.

Keep your moisturizer in the fridge

Yes, really. Chilling your moisturizer cools your skin temperature and acts like a cold press, making it better at fighting red blotches, inflammation and puffy eyes.

Lighten up on your razors

Where do you keep your razor? If, like most men, it’s in the shower, you’re wasting money, damaging your face and probably making yourself sick. Moisture dullens your blade and grows bacteria that can infect your face. The best place to store razors is blade-up in a glass in a cabinet.

Cut down on shaving cream

You’ll get pretty much exactly the same effect from using three-quarters of your usual amount of shaving cream and it will make the bottle last 25% longer. Add a little water to make it go further in your hands – plus it makes a lighter foam, which applies easier and lets the razor get closer to your skin for a better shave. Leave the cream on for at least five minutes to avoid razor burn.

And try something totally different altogether for your sensitive bits

Your regular shaving foam is designed for faces, not your…ummm…other bits. For there you need something more sensitive. An effective, cheap alternative is to use a bit of hair conditioner instead.

And finally – why vodka is your best friend

Smelly shirt? You can get rid of BO from it by dabbing a small amount of diluted vodka on it. A game-changer if you’re out trying to impress and you get hot and sweaty in the bar. 

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