Posted: 2 November, 2016

Movember Is Back!

Grow a Mo, Save a Bro

For five years, Triple M have supported the Movember movement and we're pumped to be doing it all again this month, annoying our girlfriends with our fuzzy top lips but more importantly doing our bit to raise awareness and money to save lives.

As you should know by now, Movember is one of the world's leading movements for men's health.

We all need to do everything we can to stop men dying too young. 

So, what can you do this month?

1. Grow Your Mo.

Sign up for Movember, ask around for sponsorships and donations, and prepare your other half for a furry thirty days. 


2. Move for men's health

What is the 'Move Challenge'? Whatever you make it: run a race, learn to climb, sail a boat, workout in a costume, whatever. Sign up and add a new layer to your Mo experience.


3. Host an event

From a big fundraising party to a quiet poker night where the lads agree to donate half their winnings to Movember, there are tons of ideas to make a difference. Make it happen. 


We'll see you on December 1 for the big shave off. Good luck Mo Bros! 

Check out full details on Movember here.

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Posted: 27 October, 2016

How To Pretend You're Not Hungover At Work

We've all been there

Overdid it last night? Head raging? Guts swirling? We've all been there. In fact, we're probably there at the moment. 

But some bosses are more understanding than others, which is why you might need a few pointers on getting through a day where you're hanging out of your arse. Good luck!



Pouring gallons down your neck isn't the way to go. Unless you do that every day, in which case your body is expecting it so it's a good way to get it back feeling how it usually does. But if you don't drink coffee, then leave it alone. Caffeine is just another stimulant your body has to deal with. 

From Kenya with ❤️ #hangovercoffee #nairobi #kenya #holiday

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Your Breakfast

Keep. It. Simple. Vegemite on toast is bloody brilliant for hangovers and makes you slowly feel human again. Peanut butter is even better for you but spread it thin. Having either with a banana is about as good as it gets for a recovery breakfast. 

Add a small, unsweetened yoghurt if you can stand it for the sake of your unsettled stomach, your revolting breath and anyone who has to work next to you today. 

And just keep drinking water. All day. All the water. 


Multivitamin Drinks

Last night you pissed out not only those 15 Crownies, but all the useful vitamins your body needs, so it's crucial you top them up asap. The potassium in Berocca or powdered multivitamin drink also helps you retain that water you're drinking. You are still drinking it, right?


Your Face

You feel like shit. But with a tiny bit of effort (and we know it's hard) you don't necessarily have to look like shit. 

Shaving. Do it. Usually clean shaven blokes coming in with stubble will give you away even before anyone can smell the stench of stal alcohol on you. 

Also: moisturise. A night on the booze makes your skin either blotchy or pale and it needs moisture. Always a good idea to have a moisturiser at home with a bit of tone to it, to replace the lost colour. 

As for those puffy eyes, shoving tea bags or spoons in the freezer for a few minutes then placing them onto your eyes will relieve the worst of the effect.


Your Outfit

Keep it light. Your body has some sweating to do, so your outfit needs to breathe. Light shirts are best depending on your work environment and what passes for acceptable. But you also don't want to drag attention to yourself from what you wear. 

If in doubt, dress UP. Bosses will be less suspicious of you if you're wearing a clean, pressed shirt and smart pants.  


Your Breath

Good God man. That could kill a possum at twenty paces. 

Take your toothbrush and scrub your tongue. It kills the bacteria that are infesting it and helps it soak up the water (that you're definitely still drinking and will continue to keep doing so if you ever want to feel better). More importantly as far as hiding your hangover, it removes the stench of alcohol, replacing it with minty goodness. 

To further help solve that nasty, dry mouth of yours, take an alcohol-free mouthwash and rinse. 

Cheers to the long weakend! #workworkwork #hungovergram #workholidayspirit

A photo posted by Dave Schmidt Rodriguez (@daveschmidtrodriguez) on


Be On Time

For the start of the day and for your appointments. It gives you one less thing to explain. 


Don't Make Mistakes

Same principle. It's fine to work a bit slower than normal. It's easier to explain slow work than mistakes. 


Stay Away From People

You need to limit how much people see of you. Try to give the appearance of being really, very busy.

If you don't want someone to know you're hungover, don't tell ANYONE. People love sharing your pain. So keep it to yourself.


A photo posted by Rachel Smith (@rachtsmith) on


Work Smart 

Earphones in, hunched over, fingers pinching your nose or scratching your brow - all excellent ways of putting people off from bothering you without arousing suspicion. 

#hungoveratwork #paesobebe #gonnadoitagaintonight #summeraintoveryet #gottapaythebillz

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If you have an unavoidable meeting, find the most comfortable position and stay in it. Staring at the speaker makes them less likely to look at you for more than a fraction of a second. Focusing on them hopefully also means its harder to suffer from drooping eyes.

Most important - try to act as much like normal as possible. 

#highheels #fashion #loveshoes #hungoveratwork #hungover #goodnightout #outout #sleeping #on #my #desk #dressdownfriday #wanttofinish

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Posted: 27 October, 2016

How To Pick The Right Suit For Your Body Type

Making the right calls so you look schmick for the races

The Triple M Men's Room is here to help you be just a little bit better of a bloke. Ahead of Derby Day and the Melbourne Cup we've got you covered for tips on looking schmick and smooth.

Suits. The cornerstone of your look for Flemington. But just wearing a suit isn't job done, you want a suit that fits and compliments your body style. 

We've all seen that tall bloke whose suit pants don't reach his ankles or the fat bloke whose jacket barely does up. Come on boys, we're better than this. Here are some top tips to watch out for when choosing your suit for the big day out.



This should be obvious, but to avoid doubt - do NOT go for anything cropped. You will look like a weird half-child, half-stick insect type creature. Shame as this is very in fashion, but you at least have the benefit of much better view than your shrimpy friends.

Other advice is to always pick a three-buttoned jacket. They work better for your height than a two-buttoned jacket, which will elongate your frame even more.



On the other hand, short guys should take the opposite approach, so keep it to a two-button jacket which stretches your frame. 

Get trousers with no break, which will also help you look taller. And your jacket should finish around 4-5 inches below your hip. 

Stick to single colours, i.e. matching jacket and pants. So no sports coat and chino combos. And the darker the better. 


@juliandevizio #juliandevizio #flemingtonraces #emiratesstakesday #melbourne

A photo posted by ❤ Melbourne Collectors ❤ (@melbcollectors) on



Keep your lapels narrow to make you look broader, 3 inches is too big, 2 inches is fine. Double-breasted also works well as the extra fabric adds bulk and depth. Patterns can work well too.


At the races 🍾🏇🏽 Crown Oaks Day

A photo posted by snapchat // olliesblog 👻 (@olliesblog) on



Whereas our chunkier, stockier friends should avoid bold patterns at all costs unless they want to look like a politically incorrect stand-up comedian from a rotary club function in the 1980s. Checks are definitely out.

Thin, subtle pinstripes however are great. They lengthen your torso and draw eyes up and down rather than side to side. That saying about stripes thinning you? It's spot on. 

Also like the advice for short people, two button jackets are a good way to lengthen your frame and thus make you look slimmer. 



The Playground at Flemington awaits. Book your tickets to the Melbourne Cup Carnival today 

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Posted: 21 October, 2016

The Styles Blokes Wear To The Races

It doesn’t have to be embarrassing.

The Spring Racing Carnival is known as a time to get dressed up… or down. We’ve found some styles that you’ll see at the races. If you’re unsure what to rock at the next race find some inspiration on the scroll down.


The hard-core punter uniform

This seems to be a staple for those hard-core punters at the track.

A photo posted by JunnersAU © (@junnersau) on


A comical outfit clash

You’ll see some guys who thought it would be hilarious to dress the same. 

A photo posted by Zoe Wornham (@zoewornham) on


Superhero onesie

This one needs the least amount of effort – especially if you wear a onesie to bed.


Whatever this is

One of these takes the T-shirt tux to a whole new level.



A photo posted by @jessicaridd on

A blue suit

A nice blue suit is a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Choose a shirt and tie to go with it and you’re ready to go. Don’t worry if you don’t look as good as these guys, they’re models.

A photo posted by The Myer Man (@themyerman) on


Some colour

The races beg for a splash of colour whether that's a pocket square, tie or jacket. Don’t be afraid to rock as little, or as much colour as possible. 


A three piece

Adding something *extra* to your suit, like a vest, adds character. You might be slightly overdressed but that’s not a bad thing at the races.

A photo posted by The Myer Man (@themyerman) on


The Playground at Flemington awaits. Book your tickets to the Melbourne Cup Carnival today.


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Posted: 19 October, 2016

12 Items No Man Should EVER Have In His Wardrobe

Get this crap out of your closet and into the sea

Here in The Men's Room, we're all about making you just a little bit better blokes. That means the occasional harsh truth. Such as, if you own any of the below items of clothing, you need to sort yourselves out. We're no fashionistas, but stick with this and you'll be less likely to make a dick of yourself. Good luck guys.


“Humourous” socks (and/or ties)

Look, we get that your relative bought them for you. It means they hate you. Therefore you don’t have to wear them. So don’t. They possess the comedy value of a head cold. 

Obligatory bonkers Christmas feet... #Xmas #socks #comedysocks #christmassocks #bestpresent

A photo posted by Beth Orford (@bethetyboo) on


Too-Tight Pants

Tight pants are good. Too tight pants are horrible. Just horrible. This is especially true of white pants, which are not acceptable under any circumstance, even including attending Mad Monday as a Mediterranean drug lord. If you ever wear tight white pants, not only are you going to give yourself a nasty injury, not to mention hemorrhoids, we can actually see your…oh God! MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!

I reuse a lot of captions that I've used before because no one will notice. #highturnover #stepitupATL

A photo posted by Bryan A. Smith (@savagemrsmith) on


A Fedora

It doesn’t look okay. No, it doesn’t. No. It doesn’t. No it doesn’t. Noitdoesntnoitdoesntnoitdoesntnoitdoesntnoitdoesntnoitdoesntnoitdoesnt. No. It. Doesn’t. Ask your friend. Ask your other friend. NO. IT. DOESN’T. 

Two classy dudes chillin' on a Saturday night #fedorable #furdorable

A photo posted by Michael Better (@fedora_cyclist) on


That beaded necklace you bought in Bali

You were pissed most of the trip and forgot you even bought it. Let’s keep it that way. Why not reminisce about that amazing holiday by taking a nice stroll down to your nearest beach and take your stupid, beaded necklace with you so you can throw the damn thing as far into the sea as possible.


Anything Pleather

Why in the name of all things sacred would you? When you’ve got a kick-ass leather jacket that looks good, makes you feel like a movie star and rocks the shit out of everything, would you go and buy some cheap, nasty alternative. Move away from the pleather please sir. 



Two-tone shirts

We know you don’t own one of these because you’d have to be completely fucking insane. This is just a reminder that if someone buys you one to immediately take it and set it on fire. Preferably in front of the person who bought it for you, to show them the error of their ways. 

#mensfashion #twotoneshirt #brightcolors #totebag #shorts #floralshoes #dandy #menstyles

A photo posted by Jeremy Lin (@jeremylinspiration) on


Shoes with a pointy toe

Big debate on this one between a) people who think shoes with pointed toes look smart, stylish and cool, and b) people who are right. Seriously guys, they’re not even comfortable. Step away from the elf shoes. 

The Royal Danish Hotdog club lives on..#pointyshoes

A photo posted by Ruth Whittle (@ruthwhittle) on


Shoes with a square toe

And these. You look like Frankenstein. Just have a rounded-toe shoe and we’ll say no more about it.


Big Belts

Are you the wrestler Kurt Angle? Have you just been crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion? Will you immediately take that giant belt in your hands and put it on a mantelpiece, never to be worn? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these question, throw the damn thing in the sea. 

#Justin's #cowboyhat #likeit #followme #country #cowboy #bigbelt #buttonup #dressy

A photo posted by Christopher Troy Burks (@troy713) on


Sports brand thongs

Havaiainas are fine. Mandatory even. Having an Adidas pair of sports thongs/flip flops are not fine. Not fine at all. 

#finnishboy #floorballboy #tb #adidasflipflops

A photo posted by @jarnoroukala on


Flame Shirt

This shirt is awesome if you’re eight. If you’re any older, it’s not. 

#mcm#flames #flameshirt #soulmAte##

A photo posted by Money Face (@mone_yface) on


Dad Jeans

You are better than this. No. You are. It isn’t hard to find jeans that fit and look reasonable. Just ask the nice girl in the store to help. 

What's ur new fav song off the album #SleepInn ?? Mine is #DadJeans tbh 👨🏽👖

A photo posted by johnny boy (@raddiest) on



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Posted: 11 October, 2016

Sprucing Up For The Races On A Budget

Without making clothes out of foil

A day at the races is a lot of fun with the right crowd and while some drop a crap-load on a new outfit, you actually don’t have to – which is handy if you don’t have enough cash for new, spiffy gear.

Here’s how you can get on the snaz even when it’s the wrong side of pay day, you’re a last-minute inclusion, or you can’t be arsed shopping.



Surely you have a suit. Any suit. One that fits – not one that’s your dad bought in the 70s and is 3 sizes too big.

If your wardrobe is missing a suit, see if you can borrow one from a mate. Remember to dry clean it before you return.

You might be able to get away with a nice looking pant and shirt.



You might not own a suit but you may own chinos or a fancy pair of slacks and they will help you fit in at the races.



A white shirt will do the trick. Since you can afford to add a little colour, you might be able to wear anything else in your wardrobe like a checked shirt. Try to avoid business wear – you’re going to Flemington, not closing a business deal.



Don’t worry about it. If you’ve got one, throw it on (learn how to tie it) but you can simply unbutton the top two buttons and go for a more casual look whether you’re in a suit or not.



Your wheels really depend on if you’re going with a suit or not. At the end of the day, every dude should have a slick pair of shoes. It would be worth ducking into a shop for a good pair to go with a good suit. Roll with your best (and dressiest) pair – not runners.


Simply roll with what you do every day. You might be able to slide in for a quick haircut on the morning of the races and get the hairdresser to style it for you.

Pocket Square

Many rock one, you don’t need to. A napkin folded well will suffice when seen from afar but expect a few ‘mate, is that a napkin in your pocket?’

A photo posted by Skippa D (@skipperdogood) on



They help to keep your pants up and your shirt tucked in but you can probably get away without one for a day.


That'll do ya! Now you have no excuses when your mates invite you out to the races. In fact, you can invite your mates to the next meet, you snazzy scamp, you *gives you a footy slap on the bot*.


The Playground at Flemington awaits. Book your tickets to the Melbourne Cup Carnival today

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Posted: 7 October, 2016

10 Signs Of Depression In Men

A SANE conversation about men's mental health issues

This weekend we're having a sane conversation about mental health issues with our friends at SANE Australia.

Depression affects vast numbers of men across Australia. We all know of even famous athletes like Ian Thorpe and Brendan Fevola who have suffered from mental health issues. And even if it is not us directly, it might be a close friend or even family member who is hiding their pain from us.So, to help identify and support them when they need it most, here are 10 symptoms and signs of depression we should all be aware of. 



Being short of temper or aggressively hostile is a classic sign of something being wrong. And is possibly the easiest thing to identify in friends or relatives. Understand this symptom is not something the sufferer may be able to control and is not to be taken personally.



Depression most commonly appears as extreme fatigue. If you're feeling knackered all the time no matter how much you sleep, it could be worth checking with your doctor in case there's more to it than meets the eye.


Sleep Issues

Fatigue is one sign but people suffering depression may not be able to just "sleep it off". It's common to find yourself unable to either get enough sleep or have far too much - maybe because you don't feel like getting out of bed. 



Are you feeling anxious even after problems are resolved? Do you feel problems never are resolved? Or you can't shake the feeling of stress? All points to you being depressed, especially if combined with fatigue and feelings of desperation.



Yes, this is a common complaint that can easily be overlooked as it is not often recognised. But if reported alongside a feeling of helplessness, sadness or aggression, it helps doctors and mental health professionals identify what could well be depression. 



Drinking Too Much or Taking Drugs

'I just need to take the edge off the day" can quickly spiral into one too many, whether smoking, drinking or other substance intake. Watch out for how much you're consuming or those tell-tale signs of bottles/empty cigarette/Rizla packets stacking up. 

#cigarettes #cigarette #smoke #smokes #gettingthatcancer

A photo posted by Nicole Leonard (@coco_0011) on


Being Unable To Concentrate

Whether because you are worrying or just unable to remember things, you find your concentrating wandering. 


Being Indecisive

One of the most subtle symptoms of depression is not committing to making a decision or find it hard to choose between even the most meaningless of options. People becoming impatent with you at these times is not going to help either.


Decrease In Libido 

This is definitely one a partner can spot. Although the challenge is understanding it is in no way a reflection on you. Your partner suddenly becoming disinterested in sex may have a deeper significance to their own mental health and should be treated compassionately. 


Suicidal Thoughts

When the dark cloud looms really bad, this is a natural place for your thoughts to wander. But you MUST talk at this point. Tell someone, anyone, about your troubles, however useless you feel or however unable they may be to help. 


Depression can affect us all. Former Essendon gun Mark Eustice battled it throughout his career and does to this day. Here he shares his story. 



If you want to find out more about mental health issues such as depression, visit

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Posted: 21 September, 2016

The 7 Grooming Hacks Every Bloke Needs To Know

The secret vodka cure for BO

Seven tips to look even better with even less effort. Do your skin a favour. 



Get more out of your shower every morning: brush your teeth and scrub your face in there. You could even shave as well. It’s better to do all that while your skin is soft and moist, plus it saves a heap of time.

Keep your cologne cool

Storing your fragrances in a cool, dark place helps extend their life by years. When a fragrance gets exposed to light or heat it gets broken down and its aroma ruined, so find a cupboard away from the heating ducts and the sun.

Keep your moisturizer in the fridge

Yes, really. Chilling your moisturizer cools your skin temperature and acts like a cold press, making it better at fighting red blotches, inflammation and puffy eyes.

Lighten up on your razors

Where do you keep your razor? If, like most men, it’s in the shower, you’re wasting money, damaging your face and probably making yourself sick. Moisture dullens your blade and grows bacteria that can infect your face. The best place to store razors is blade-up in a glass in a cabinet.

Cut down on shaving cream

You’ll get pretty much exactly the same effect from using three-quarters of your usual amount of shaving cream and it will make the bottle last 25% longer. Add a little water to make it go further in your hands – plus it makes a lighter foam, which applies easier and lets the razor get closer to your skin for a better shave. Leave the cream on for at least five minutes to avoid razor burn.

And try something totally different altogether for your sensitive bits

Your regular shaving foam is designed for faces, not your…ummm…other bits. For there you need something more sensitive. An effective, cheap alternative is to use a bit of hair conditioner instead.

And finally – why vodka is your best friend

Smelly shirt? You can get rid of BO from it by dabbing a small amount of diluted vodka on it. A game-changer if you’re out trying to impress and you get hot and sweaty in the bar. 

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Posted: 21 September, 2016

9 Solid Reasons You Should Drink More Whisky

Pour me a Scotch. Right Now

Whisky, Whiskey, Scotch, Single Malt, whatever you call it, chances are you should be drinking more of it. Don’t take our word for it. The below advice comes from doctors and scientists who have shown whisky (we’ll stick with the original spelling for the Scottish malt, but the same applies to all the others – spelt with an ‘e’) to be a fine drink with surprising health benefits.


The great reminder

A shot a day genuinely lowers your risk of dementia, even when compared to drinking nothing at all, according to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

Lose weight now, sink a scotch

Low in carbs, whisky is far better for you than other alcoholic drinks. Studies have even shown that moderate intake increases energy and reduces the body’s demand for sugar. A shot of whisky is just 64 calories – way lower than even a Blonde.

The perfect after-meal snifter

Whisky has been used for generations as the perfect way to round off a meal. And whether they knew it or not, it is scientifically correct as whisky is a great aid to digestion, so the ideal thing to sink after a big meal.

Take a chill pill shot

Whisky is the ultimate nightcap, because it acts like a sedative. It’s a great stress reliever and sleep inducer thanks to its barbiturate-like effect.

It stops cancer

All right, maybe not *cures* cancer, but it prevents it. One of the scientific characteristics of whisky is its high concentration of ellagic acid, an antioxidant the neutralizes the free radicals that cause cancer. You’ve heard red wine is good for preventing cancer? Whisky is even better as it contains more of these antioxidants.   

…and strokes

Like most alcohol, whisky thins the blood, which – as long as it is imbibed only in moderation – means you are lowering your risk of clot-caused strokes.

and diabetes

Careful now as heavy or binge drinking increases your risk of diabetes, but long-term moderate intake actually helps regulate your insulin levels, which cause type 2 diabetes.

…and even the common cold

Yeah, all right, so it’s not as impressive as cancer or diabetes or a stroke, but another benefit of whisky is that it dilates your blood vessels and when served with honey and lemon it can also loosen mucus, speeding up the end of your cold. In fact, a shot has very similar properties to a drowsy medicine.

Don’t take our word for it

Grace Jones (not that one), a 109-year-old spritely sort from Worcestershire, England, says the secret to her longevity is a daily shot of whisky every night. And the Research Society on Alcoholism have confirmed over many years that moderate drinkers out-live both heavy drinkers and non-drinkers. That’s just scientific fact.

Even sportsmen agree

John Watson, a world-renowned cyclist, lost 50 pounds and knocked minutes off his times by making one simple change to his lifestyle: swapping his much-loved beers for whisky. By taking down his calorie count, he became better and happier. A lesson for us all.


CRIEFF, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 05:  Mhairi Fergusson joins members of the public as they hold up whisky glasses at Glenturret Distillery in an attempt to set a record for the most people to raise a dram toast at the same time on November 5, 2015 in Crieff, Scotland. The event is being staged to celebrate 240 years of making whisky at Glenturret which is one of Scotlands oldest distilleries.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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Posted: 9 September, 2016

10 Barbecue Hacks You Need To Know Before Summer

The secrets of better barbecuing you need to know

We all know the one where you test how well your meat is cooked by comparing it to pressing your thumb, right? Forget your meat thermometer, use your hand. Touch the base of your thumb when your forefinger and thumb are touched and that’s the same feeling as a rare-cooked steak. If you now touch your middle finger and thumb, it’s like medium-rare, your ring finger and thumb make it medium, and when your little finger touches your thumb, the base it feels like a well done steak.



If you are the kind of guy who presses his meat into the grill, do us all a favour. Put down the tongs, walk away from the barbecue and keep on walking all the way to Maccas. There's no place for your kind here, thank you.



Give it 15 minutes at least. Helps the meat cook more easily.



When you put the burger onto the grill, make a small indentation in the centre to stop it rising as it cooks. And to make it even juicier, place an ice cube into that indentation. Or, better still, an iced pat of butter. Mmmmm, butter.



You know it makes sense.



Stops sticking. Stops burning. Tastes bloody delicious.



Yes. Put a pizza stone in there and close the lid, you’ve got a blinding kiln. Try it. Thank us later.



Simple to make, tasty, easy to eat, keeps *those* guests happy. Winner.

LAUNCESTON, AUSTRALIA - MAY 19:  Wagu beef is cooked on a barbeque at the Produce Of Heaven launch May 19, 2008 in Launceston, Australia. The Produce of Heaven Company was launched in Launceston, and it currently has 55 businesses as contributors in the region and up to 200 farmers. The produce from the company in North West Tasmania is being promoted as pesticide free -  


This is a heart-wrencher. Causing untold damage to the mighty snag is enough to send most right-thinking Aussie men into a frenzy, but it’s actually very smart way of getting them to cook right through. And they soak in the sauces better. Worth a go, and we won’t mind if you go back to doing it the way nature intended in future.



Use the fire on one half for cooking and the heat from it to keep meat warm on the other. But you knew this already, we hope.


BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 05:  A rib eye steak is cooked on the grill during a cooking demonstration at a barbecue in the courtyard of the U.S. Embassy on Pariser Platz on June 5, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Leading German beef distributors and restaurateurs were invited to the Embassy to sample some of the best beef produced in the United States. The German market is, for the U.S. beef industry, currently the biggest in Europe and valued at over $70 million. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is presently negotiating between the European Union and the United States and aims at removing trade barriers in a wide range of economic sectors to make it easier to buy and sell goods and services between the EU and the US.  (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images) 


If you use coals, light them by putting them in an egg carton, then pouring into the barbecue. And we’re sure you already know to put herbs in your coals when you cook, but this is just a reminder.



Cleaning the BBQ is a shitter. It takes ages and there’s dirt everywhere. You know you should clean it straight after cooking, but you normally can’t move then thanks to bloating and the meat sweats. Two things to help you out. 1) Leave the lid closed after you barbecue. The heat stays in and will melt away residue of food before it gets caked on. 2) No grill brush? Scrunch up a piece of aluminium foil and use that. 3) Or take an onion (yes, really), cut it in half and rub it on the surfaces. This acts the same as a brush and it’s also a natural disinfectant. Just try not to eat it whole, Tone...




This summer, enjoy the best of the outdoors whatever your taste. The Playground at Flemington awaits. Book your tickets to the Melbourne Cup Carnival today.

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Posted: 29 August, 2016

How To Dress Like You Know What You’re Doing

A pair of nerd glasses might help.

The phrase 'dress for the job you want’ goes a little deeper than not dressing in a T-shirt and shorts unless you’re going for a job as a uni student. Basically, people think that you’re better at your job the snazzier you dress. Would you go to a lawyer who dresses like a uni student?

Here are a few styles that’ll help you look like you know what you’re doing even if you have no idea what day it is.


Add some personality

Suits have come a long way and these days you’re allowed to add some personality like a nice tie and pocket square. Those small details make a big difference. The fact that you know how to fold a pocket square means you’ve gotta know what you’re doing on the job.

A photo posted by Wolf Kanat (@wolfkanat) on


Tone it down

Rocking a business shirt with chinos and a blazer keeps you looking business-smart while making you seem more grounded and relatable. You’ll be able to close some business once you and your colleague have finished walking around a park – like in this pic.

A photo posted by MYER (@myer) on


Stay cool

Blazer or suit jacket might get hot in the warmer weather. As you can see a nice slack and tie sans blazer helps the bloke in this pic look like he knows everything about whatever it is he does. Don’t forget the tie clip.


Don't go too casual

Don't go too casual on a Friday because you don’t want to ruin all that effort you put on Mon – Thurs. In a lot of workplaces you can get away with subbing out the slacks and pulling on a pair of dark blue or black jeans. 

A photo posted by MYER (@myer) on


Carry your things

You can call your man bag a satchel if it makes you feel better. Get one to put all of your things in. Even if that means blank sheets of A4 paper to shuffle around when you need to look busy.

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Know the time

There’s something unimpressive about a guy fumbling around for his phone to check the time. Wrap a timepiece around that bare wrist and you’ll be looking the bee’s knees in no time! Oh, and make sure you can read analogue. People don't appreciate it when you make up the time.

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Merrick has given some of these styles a run. Take a look and see if they suit you. Remember: If you’re unsure, the guys at Myer can give you a hand.

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