Posted: 30 August, 2016

6 Guys You’ll See At The Pub After The Footy

You’ll see at least one of each. Guaranteed.

The footy is the ultimate leveller. You might see the Prime Minister sitting only a few seats away from the loosest bloke dressed in face paint and team colours. But when the game’s done and dusted and everyone hits the local pub, you can spot a few types of blokes just by how they’re dressed.

We’ve whipped up a list of the guys you’ll see having a bev at the local.


The Clown

He’s extremely passionate about his club and he’s not afraid to show it. You know he went hard because he has somehow lost some facepaint.


The Better

This gentleman is rocking junners (or sneans) – runners/sneakers with jeans. It’s uncertain if this guy actually went to the footy or placed a few bets on the dogs. 


The Fat Cat

He was smashing beers in a corporate box. He’s in a suit, shirt untucked and full to his eyeballs and all you can do it wonder how he worked his way past the bouncers.


The Coach

He coaches a local footy club and will tell everyone where the losing side went wrong and how he would have done it better. He’s wearing his local club’s polo shirt. This is also his formal shirt.

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The heyday

Wearing a jumper from the clubs heyday. They didn’t make this year’s grand final.


The under-dresser

Wears a singlet and thongs. Ran the risk of getting knocked back at the door.

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You could be like one of the above… Or you can dress right for the game AND head to the pub after with you dignity intact.

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