Posted: 2 November, 2016 by Dan The Internut

This New Alarm Clock Also Makes You A Coffee And We Want One NOW!

This is a must for anyone who hates waking up but loves coffee... (AKA everyone)

Tags: Inventions, Coffee, Sleep

Images: Josh Renouf Design

Well, this is bloody genius. If you love coffee, that is.

Designer Joshua Renouf has created the ultimate wake up aid... an alarm clock that brews a coffee ready to drink once you finally open your eyes.

It's as simple as setting it up the night before, setting your wake up time and boom. Fresh cup of coffee, complete with warmed milk if you take it white.

It's not just the convenience of having a ready made cup waiting for you. It's also the smell that will fill the room as you wake up. Glorious!

No ideas yet as to when (and if) it will be available for purchase, but with blokes like your run of the mill billionaire listening, it mightn't be long.

Tags: Inventions, Coffee, Sleep

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