Posted: 9 November, 2016 by Pub Talk

Has Yeah The Boys Been Shut Down!?

This is the end

(Image: Facebook)

Widely-popular Facebook page Yeah The Boys is no more.

The page had nearly 500,000 likes in a matter of months since it was created, but a messy situation involving a Facebook meet-up event seems to have led to it's deactivation:

Multiple news sources covered a scheduled event in Sydney that was described by one commenter as 'Cronulla Riots 2' - however, the creators of the page were not involved.

Criticism was aimed at the event's 'casual violence' and threats towards women.

Copycat pages have begun to appear, with Yeah The Boys 2 already garnering 33,000 likes since appearing as a backup page a couple of weeks ago.

Last month, we covered YTB successfully intimidating KFC into bringing back the Double Down.

It's unknown at this stage the status of the chicken sandwich.

Left, right, goodnight.

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