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Woman's Rescue Dog Story Is Simply Heart Melting

She used to be afraid of humans... then she met the new-born.

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An American woman is fast becoming the poster person for rescue dogs, after photos of her rescue dog’s complete love and affection for her new-born baby has gone viral.

From all reports, Elizabeth Spence and her husband have a soft spot for rescue animals. So much so that they’ve opened up their home to six of them.

One in particular, Nora, an eight year old English pointer, has completely changed her behaviour due to the new-born. Apparently, Nora came to the house completely terrified of people because of an abusive past.

But then she met the new-born baby, and this happened.

Because nap time is better with friends! . FUJI-XT1

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Then, the pics continued.

Mama Nora and her pup in the still of the warm, afternoon light 😍

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Jedi training is such exhausting work! (😜) . Forgive me for this post, but it's been a pretty big week for our family. We are HUGE Star Wars fans and after a long wait the kids finally got to see the latest instalment - the Force Awakens - on DVD. Equally awesome was the release of the trailer for Rogue One! I can't even begin to express how exciting this is for me. I saw the original Star Wars episodes 4,5 & 6 in the theatre as a kid (yes, I am that old!) and can recall being terrified that I might die before the next instalments were released. Well, episodes 1,2 & 3 were disappointing (sorry George), but episode 7 is exactly what I had yearned for the past 30 years! What a blast it has been to share this cherished series with my kids. My eldest son's face when he found out Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's dad? PRICELESS!! I can't wait to relive that again with Archie over here 😊 Have you had a similar experience sharing a childhood treasure with your kids? . FUJI-XT1 #nappingwithnora

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So, ummm, just what exactly are we looking at anyway? . FUJI-XT1 #wellettaswindows

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The family should be congratulated for bringing a positive spin on how, in the right environment, every pet can shine.

You can keep track of the family’s progress via their Instagram page.

Tags: Pets, Dogs, Rescue

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