Posted: 17 October, 2016 by Dan The Internut

The New $5 Note Also Plays Vinyl Records

Okay, it's proving tough to use as actual money, but some genius found a rad new use for it.

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Fresh from the revelation that our new $5 note doesn't work in a few vending machines, comes this.

Cris Kennedy, the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) education manager, tells us that he heard reports that someone in England proved that you can actually use the newly developed notes to act as a stylus on a vinyl record, so he thought he'd try it out.

Don't believe it? Just watch this.

We don't know what's more amazing... that you can actually do it with the $5 buck note, or that many of the people reading this article will have no idea what a "vinyl" is ;)

Either way, chalk another one up for the $5 note. It's so bloody technologically advanced it's disrupting life. You just can't use it to buy a coke.

Tags: Stuff, Currency, Money, Music

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