Posted: 11 October, 2016 by Stuff

Ken Bone Only Wore The Red Jumper Because He Split His Pants

Ken Bone Is America's New Hero.

Ken Bone was the undisputed winner of yesterday’s Presidential debate.

The “undecided voter” rocketed to Internet fame in the final moments of the debate, launching thousands of social media posts.

Video showing him taking a photo of the emptying debate hall with a disposable camera only added to the stardom!

Much of the talk was about his red “sweater”, which Bone says he only wore out of necessity.

“I had a really nice olive suit, and my mother would have been very proud to see me wearing on television, but apparently I have gained about 30 pounds,” Bone told Carol Costello on CNN.

“And when I went to get in my car the morning of the debate I split the seat of my pants all the way open. So the red sweater is plan B. I’m glad it worked out.”

Never change Ken Bone!


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