Posted: 21 October, 2016 by Pub Talk

Aussie Bloke Loses 35 CASES Of Beer Off His Ute

Not the booze!

(Image: Canberra Talks)

A warning: this content may distress.

A poor Aussie bloke has lost 35 CASES of beer off the back of his ute.

The beer was being transported for a wedding by a groom and three of his mates when it all spilled on Cotter Rd in Watson, ACT today.

That's around 300 litres of booze.

People offered to help clean up the broken glass off the road - and some even offered to donate a slab or two for the wedding, which is on Saturday.

The groom, Craig, expressed his gratitude for the offers in a report by the Canberra Times.

"We feel really bad. We haven't asked for it - but thank you," he said.

Horrific, traumatic news.

But hopefully, with the donations and generosity flowing in, it has a happy ending.


(Image: Canberra Times)


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