Posted: 2 December, 2016 by with AAP

FFA Put Bruno Fornaroli Under Review For Cup Final F-Bomb

"I went to say 'vamos' but I said something different I think"

The FFA have announced they will review Bruno Fornaroli's "F-Bomb" delivered after Melbourne City's FFA Cup Final victory this week in an incident that was televised live and widely shared across social media.  

Fornaroli had won the Mark Viduka Medal for Man of the Match as City won the first piece of silverware in their history. In his post-match speech he spoke passionately about the joy of winning before pausing and then yelling "F*&^ off!"

The FFA confirmed it is looking into the incident.

In a statement they said "FFA is currently reviewing comments made by Melbourne City captain Bruno ascertain whether Fornaroli has breached the FFA Code of Conduct."

The Uruguayan striker's defence is that he meant to say "vamos!" but got carried away. 

"When you win the first cup for the club it was amazing so it was a great moment and I went to say 'vamos'."

"But I said something different I think."

"If someone feels bad for this then I'm sorry but it was not what I wanted to say. In this moment it was difficult to speak beacuse I still have the game inside and I'm crazy for the moment."

It is expected that the FFA will accept Fornaroli's apology and let him off with a reprimand and possible small fine. 

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