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The Extraordinary Restrictions On Socceroos Fans For Their Next World Cup Qualifier


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Socceroos fans have been dealt the most extraordinary restrictions for their next World Cup qualifier.

The match will be played in Bangkok against the Thailand team on November 15.

Thailand's long-serving and highly revered King Bhumibil Aduljadej recently passed away after just over 70 years - yes, seventy - as their monarch, leaving the country in a year-long mourning period.

This extends to the Socceroos match.

The Sports Authority of Thailand has moved to treat the match as a solemn occasion.

The match will be played under these conditions:

  • Clothing for spectators shall be in polite manner with suggested colours such as white, black, grey and preferably with no designs on them.
  • Equipment such as drums, trumpets, flags, megaphones, whistles, cheering sticks and any other equipment will not be allowed to enter the stadium.
  • Spectators are not allowed to show any symbols.
  • Banners will not be allowed to enter the stadium.
  • Fan chants, along with any other activities that are considered joyful, are strictly prohibited both inside the stadium and surrounding areas.

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