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Location Of Danny Green/Anthony Mundine Fight Revealed


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Adelaide Oval will host one of the biggest boxing bouts in Australian history, a rematch between Danny Green and Anthony Mundine.

The fight will be held early next year at a date to be confirmed at a press conference this morning. 

Speaking with Mark Howard on 'The Howie Games' podcast earlier this year Green says that Mundine’s management first reached out to him in July as he was preparing to take on Kane Watts.

"It was unfortunate timing for me, preparing to fight Kane Watts and I got the call from Khoder Nasser, Mundines long time manager and a guy I have had a long history with and we’ve always got on very well," Green said on The Howie Games.

"He said look ‘I want you to hear this from Mundine himself, I want you to hear it from his mouth, I don’t want you to hear it from me because it means nothing unless you hear it from him'."

"We sat at the airport, (Sydney) International airport, sat out the front. Said 'G’day', it literally only took 3-seconds."

"Khoder said 'Rightio Chock, tell Greeny what you want to say' and Chock said 'Yep I agree to it, the weight, the split and let’s get it on'."

"It was good to finally hear it from his mouth, and I think he realises that it is inevitable. It’s got to happen. We are both very, very blessed to have a fight this big at this stage of our career."

Tags: Danny Green, Anthony Mundine

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