Posted: 15 November, 2016

Mike Hussey Blames Australia's Cricket Woes On T20

"With T20, technique goes out the window"

Mike Hussey has laid the blame for Australia's cricketing struggles at the door of T20.

Speaking to Triple M's Marto and Ed in Brisbane this morning, Huss said he still has faith in the Australian team as "we've got a lot of talent. unfortunately we're just not able to deliver."

When pushed for why the team are struggling and in the process of suffering a humiliating heavy defeat at home to South Africa, Mike Hussey pointed out the challenge that T20 cricket has brought to modern players.

"T20 cricket has been fantastic over the past five or six years. But it's all about scoring fast and technique goes out the window."

"It's made test cricket more exciting but you lose that art of batting long periods of time and just taking time in the game."

Marto also pushed Huss on Shane Warne and Michael Clarke's seeming dislike of senior players in the current team, namely David Warner and Steve Smith. 

For his response and the full chat, click here:

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