Posted: 28 October, 2016 by Triple M's Rush Hour

Ricky Ponting Drops Massive Hint On Australia's Next Coach

"Wait and see"

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Ricky Ponting has dropped a massive hint on who might coach Australia's cricket team next.

A fixture clash means coach Darren Lehmann will likely be in India preparing for the Test series while Australia play an international T20 series against Sri Lanka in February.

And Punter reckons someone will be named to coach Australia's T20 team while Lehmann is away.

"There's some T20s against Sri Lanka in February here in Australia, and by the looks of the way the schedule will be, the Test team will more than likely be in India already, given that there's a Test series over there, so you'd think Darren (Lehmann) would probably be away with that team," he said on Triple M's Rush Hour.

"Someone’s going to need to coach the Australian T20 team here in Australia."

Punter suggests there's an announcement looming.

"Wait and see over the next few months: there'll be an announcement coming that way, I'm sure," he revealed.

Mark Howard and Billy Brownless were ecstatic, believing the job was his.

But Ponting downplayed it.

"No, I'm not saying that's me," he said. "I'm saying there’ll be an announcement made somewhere along the line."

Tags: Triple M's Rush Hour, Cricket

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