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Western Bulldogs Banner Man Danny McGinlay Spills Some Secrets

A little insight into the Bulldogs' banner wizardry.

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Western Bulldogs banner man Danny McGinlay joined Triple M's Hot Breakfast to spill the beans on what makes the famous Bulldogs' banners so great.

He said he's proud of what the Bulldogs have accomplished this season, before and after running through the banner.

"We're never going to be as big as Collingwood," he admitted. "I'm happy being everyone’s second favourite team.

"We're a likeable club - we play likeable football, we've got funny banners, we've got a very good looking captain. It's a trifecta of awesome.

He spilled some of his secrets on the brainstorming behind the banners.

"Often it can be Monday morning with a toddler on my lap and a coffee scrolling through rhyming dictionaries," he said.

"My best work is usually done at a pub in Fitzroy post-victory with all my mates and we just throw ideas around as the beers go down."

He also revealed, while there have been some absolute classics, some ideas have been turned down.

"Oh, absolutely," he said. "What I always do is I send in half a dozen to a dozen ideas.

"We call them the fun police at the Bulldogs, the suits, the pinheads, all of them lots," he laughed. "Often I'll throw things in just to make them laugh."

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Tags: AFL, Western Bulldogs, Hot Breakfast

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