Posted: 17 September, 2016 by Triple M

Wayne Carey Weighs In On The Future Of Daniel Wells

The North legend has chipped in.

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Wayne Carey was weighed in on the future of Daniel Wells, suggesting if Collingwood was "silly" enough to offer him a three-year deal it would be worth taking.

Damian Barrett confirmed there is a three-year deal on the table from the Pies for the North veteran, and Carey suggested he should take the offer if it's lucrative enough.

"I actually agree with what (James Brayshaw) said during the week, and that is he hasn’t played a lot of footy over the last few years," he said on the Saturday Rub.

"On one hand you say, you know, the club's been so loyal to you, you've had injuries, yes, you've been great at times but you sort of owe the club.

"But then on the other hand, for his security - and it is a business decision - if he got offered three years and a really good deal, you can't begrudge him for taking that either."

Carey suggested Wells stood a risk of not playing out three more years of football given his recent injury history - which makes the Collingwood offer even more enticing.

"If I can get a three-year deal and go there, and they're silly enough to pay it, why not go?" he said.

Tags: AFL, North Melbourne Kangaroos

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