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Scalpers Hit GWS-Dogs Prelim

Outrageous asking prices spotted online!

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It hasn’t taken long for scalpers to try and cash in on the preliminary final between Greater Western Sydney and the Western Bulldogs.

The match was always at risk of clandestine activities given it is being staged at Spotless Stadium which only has a capacity of 24,000.

And like clockwork, the scalpers have struck on Monday with one package of eight tickets bobbing up on the Ticketmaster Resale website with an asking price of almost $92,000. 

AFL Fans’ Association president Gerry Eeman says the situation is wrong.


“This is taking advantage of desperate fans,” Eeman said.

“It is legalised scalping which facilitates blatant profiteering. The AFL will need to do something about this in the off-season. The resale rip-off has been happening for each final. Playing the game at a small stadium like Spotless means tickets are already scarce, which means supporters are even more vulnerable than usual.

“It is also wrong that these resellers have had access to up to eight tickets each. We’d like to know how this can happen for such a high demand game with extremely limited ticket availability.

“More tickets will be posted on the site in coming days as sales are currently only open to ANZ Stadium members, AFL members and competing club members. Any leftovers will go on sale to the general public from 2pm today.”

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Tags: AFL, Greater Western Sydney GiantS, Giants, Western Bulldogs, Bulldogs

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