Posted: 22 September, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Jude Bolton Predicts Brutal Fitness Test For Lin Jong

Leigh Matthews is savage

(Image: Getty)

With the news that Lin Jong could make a miracle September comeback, Sydney premiership hero Jude Bolton reminded us on Twitter that it isn't the first finals broken collarbone the AFL has seen.

Heading towards the historic 1990 Grand Final for Collingwood, now-St Kilda coach Alan Richardson suffered the same injury in a semi-final against Essendon.

Hopeful he could play on the big day, Richardson was walking off the ground at Thursday training when he was blindsided by a savage bump from coach Leigh Matthews.

So two days out from the game, Richardson was ruled out - replaced in the final side by Shane Kerrison.

It wasn't the only brutal 'fitness test' undertaken by Lethal over his coaching career, infamously testing out Nigel Lappin's cracked ribs days out from the 2003 Grand Final for the Brisbane Lions.

Speaking of the incident, teammate Jonathan Brown claimed it was 'the most brutal thing' he'd ever seen.

It's unclear at this stage if Luke Beveridge will demand the same physical testing be placed on Jong, but he can count his lucky stars that Matthews isn't his coach for the next couple of weeks.

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