Posted: 16 September, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Isaac Smith Filmed Trying To Remedy Last Week's Missed Set Shot

Practice makes perfect.

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Hawthorn midfielder Isaac Smith has been witnessed taking set shots from the spot where he missed last week's after-the-siren kick against Geelong.

Smith had a chance to win the game for the Hawks last week with a set shot from in front.

Tragically for the Hawks, his shot sprayed right.

However, Smith has gone back to the spot to practise the set shot - and been filmed doing so.

But Hawthorn assistant Brett Ratten and Mark Howard noted Smith's deadly accuracy on Triple M.

"He's fine, Izzy," said Brett Ratten. "He has just had a lot of fun of the track and moved on very quickly.

"I think he's (kicked) 11 straight (tonight)."

"He can't miss at the moment," said Mark Howard.

Tags: AFL, Hawthorn Hawks

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