Posted: 17 September, 2016 by Triple M

Fev: GWS Can't Play Their Prelim At Spotless Stadium

"If I was Geelong, I'd be filthy"

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Brendan Fevola has argued GWS can't play their preliminary final against the Western Bulldogs at Spotless Stadium next week.

GWS will play their preliminary final at their traditional home venue, while Geelong will play at a larger venue in the MCG rather than Kardinia Park - and Fev was filthy.

"The AFL need to move this game," he said on Triple M's Dead Set Legends. "It needs to be played at ANZ Stadium so sixty, seventy thousand can go."

He argued there was an inconsistency between next week's preliminary final venues.

"They earned it - where's Geelong playing next week in their prelim? MCG. Where's their home ground? Skilled Stadium."

He suggested Geelong was heavily disadvantaged.

"Why does GWS get the privilege of getting a home game where they're brilliant, and Geelong have to play at the MCG against Sydney or Adelaide?" he questioned.

"Geelong play a prelim at Geelong against Sydney or Adelaide - they win. They play it at the MCG - they're not going to win. That's no advantage."

He also said the two venues were as if the AFL had a foot in each camp.

"They're sitting on the old fence over there," he said.

"You can't do that. It needs to be both (games) played at ANZ or the MCG, or if they keep it at Spotless (let Geelong play at Kardinia).

"If I was Geelong, I'd be filthy."

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Tags: AFL, GWS Giants

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