Posted: 16 September, 2016 by Triple M

Chris Judd Has Bungled The MCG Carpark AGAIN

"You can't do that"

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Chris Judd has been laid into by the Triple M boys after bungling his way into the MCG carpark again, forgetting to use his prized carpark pass to park underneath the ground.

The car park pass is highly valued, and the boys on the Friday Rub were filthy Judd simply forgot about his.

James Brayshaw framed the incident.

"There seems to be a lot of conjecture about where (the car park passes) go and how they're distributed," he said. 

"All I know is tonight, the two-time Brownlow Medallist, former premiership captain of the West Coast Eagles (Chris Judd is) in possession of one.

"Then (he was) witnessed walking - with a security guard by the way - into the ground, having not used his pass."

Brayshaw highlighted the precious value of the pass.

"Juddy, these are the most sought after things - you could say to a commentator I'll give you $1000 cash or a carpark pass and they'll take the latter," he said.

Jason Dunstall ripped into him for not using his pass when others could have.

"This is reprehensible behaviour," said Dunstall.

"An absolutely unconscionable act. They are like hen's teeth, and you just whizzed it up against the wall. You can't do that."

Judd was quick to defend himself.

"First off the bat, I'd like to thank the Triple M family for the carpark pass," he said. "And technically I did forget to use it tonight - I've had a lot on my mind and forgot to use it.

"I do feel for the Chief, I felt we were really starting to build a connection here."

Tags: AFL, The Rub

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