Posted: 12 November, 2016 by Triple M's Dead Set Legends

The Full Story Behind Michael Hurley's Beard

Joe Daniher has told all.

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Joe Daniher has revealed the full story behind Michael Hurley's majestic beard.

Hurley has caused waves with the viking-esque facial hair, both when spotted in Europe and when returning to training.

Daniher told Triple M's Dead Set Legends what he thought of the new look.

"He looks fabulous," Daniher laughed. "He looks like he's walked in off the street somewhere, he's hard to recognise."

"He's an interesting character."

But Daniher says there's more to it.

"What he's doing is actually pretty terrific," he said. "He does a lot of work for the community.

"I believe in the coming weeks he's going to shave it off for a charity that he works closely with - the MAD Foundation, for those that are wanting to look into it.

"He's just another example of someone doing something he doesn't have to do, but wants to help out wherever he can, and sporting that ugly-looking beard is one way to do it, so it's a terrific effort to keep going with it."


Tags: AFL, Essendon Bombers, Triple M's Dead Set Legends

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