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The Best Names From The 2016 Draft

Some crackers in here!

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Part of the fun of the last decade or so of the AFL Draft has been picking out the grouse names that crop up at the selection table every year.

The gold standard is obviously Steele Sidebottom who came the Pies at pick 11 in 2008, but there’s been a few absolute crackers in the last few years.

For example, Carlton picked up Dillon Viojo-Rainbow at 28 in 2014, while Geelong drafted Wylie Buzza with pick 69 (lol) last year.

Without further ado, we present to you the best names in the 2016 AFL draft.


Pick 3 — Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane)

McCluggage just rolls brilliantly off the tongue, and comes ready made with a brilliant nickname — Glugs.


Pick 7 — Jack Scrimshaw (Gold Coast)

Sounds like he should be tending a failing corn farm in Oklahoma in the 1930s. Can picture him with hayseed in his teeth.


Pick 18 — Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)

Burdening a kid with a double barrelled surname is generally not a great way to go about things, but Powell-Pepper is just so great — he sounds like the son of American millionaires. Would be heaps better if it was Pepper-Powell though, they missed a trick there.



Pick 24 — Cedric Cox (Brisbane)

Both Cedric and Cox are inherently funny names, so this one is an absolute winner.


Pick 42 — Kobe Mutch (Essendon)

Was born in 1998, so it’s entirely plausible that he’s named after Kobe Bryant. Think about that.


Pick 43 — Esava Ratugolea (Geelong)

The kind of name that sends shivers down the spines of commentators. Suspect this bloke will be referred to simply as ‘Rat’.


Pick 59 — Cameron Polson (Carlton)

To be honest we initially thought this guy’s surname was ‘Poison’, but we kept him in regardless.


Pick 60 — Quinton Narkle (Geelong)

The Cats are the absolute masters of this, with Buzza on the list as well Tom Ruggles and Nakia Cockatoo, and Narkle is set to join that illustrious group. Unfortunately not related to St Kilda and West Coast cult hero Phil Narkle.


Pick 76 — Mitchell Lewis (Hawthorn)

You have to respect just how hard Hawthorn have taken the piss here. Legendary stuff.

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