Posted: 24 November, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Demons Claim Lumumba Legal Rumours Are Off The Mark

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Melbourne football manager Josh Mahoney has denied rumours that defender Heritier Lumumba is threatening to sue the club. quotes Mahoney as saying the follows:

"Heritier and the club are currently investigating issues associated with Heritier's health, to determine his ongoing playing future with the club," Mahoney said.

"Contrary to media reports, Heritier has not threatened legal action against the club.

"We ask media to refrain from further speculation on Heritier's health while he seeks the necessary information to make an informed decision on his playing career."


It has been reported that Heritier Lumumba may have played his final game for Melbourne - and now he is looking to take legal action against the club.

Speaking to Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning, Seb Costello explained the story to the boys.

"Heretier Lumumba appears to have played his last game for the Demons," Seb said.

"He has engaged lawyers, and he’s looking to come after the Demons for some compensation claiming he was improperly treated for concussion by the Melbourne footy club."

Eddie McGuire elaborated that the former Magpie wasn’t able to play the amount of games that would have triggered a clause in his contract, meaning the final year of his contract won’t activate.

"It’s always sad when clubs get into a bit of litigation. It’s not happy or healthy for anyone," said Luke Darcy.

Darcy thought it was a curious situation, however, given they have a good track record with helping players with concussion symptoms.

"Melbourne has a lot of experience with concussion. Obviously they've had (Angus) Brayshaw and (Jack) Viney.

"It’s not as though they haven’t had success with players returning from concussion."

The 30-year old did not manage a game at AFL level after suffering a head knock in round 6.

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