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Brian Taylor Recalls A Loose Night Out That Earned Him A Suspension

What are you doing, Bristle?!

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Brian Taylor has recalled copping a suspension for having a big night out right before a match against St Kilda.

Taylor, playing for Richmond at the time, told Seb Costello on The Weekend Breakfast he was planning on getting a mate of his into the Richmond disco and then leaving.

But he ended up sticking around.

"I do remember one particular night where I was playing at Richmond at the time," he said.

"Silly thing to do considering I was playing at Richmond that I would attend the Richmond disco. On the Friday night before a St Kilda game, a mate of mine came over from Perth. Very hard to get into the Richmond disco in those days, (there was a) big queue, you had to really know someone (to get in).

"I said 'look mate, I'll get you in and then I'll disappear and you can come home when you want to come home, because I gotta play footy tomorrow'."

Things didn't go to plan.

"(We) went down there got him down about midnight. I ended up walking out of there about four or five in the morning," he revealed.

"(We) got a bit carried away in there. (I) still kicked five that day."

The club later found out, and gave him a whack for his big night.

"Still got caught and copped a suspension and a fine," he said.

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