Posted: 26 November, 2016 by Triple M's Dead Set Legends

Brendan Fevola On When Chris Yarran "Lost His Way"

"Footy is not the be all and end all"

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Brendan Fevola has pointed out Chris Yarran's departure from former teammates Jeff Garlett and Eddie Betts may have been a turning point in his career.

Yarran retired from the game earlier in the week to deal with mental health issues, and Fevola explained why his former teammate may have done so.

"He really lost his way a little bit when he lost his group," Fevola said on Triple M's Dead Set Legends.

"Little Jeffy Garlett went to Melbourne, Eddie Betts went to Adelaide, and that was his core group. They were always hanging around together, the boys. We used to call them the three amigos.

"Then he went to Richmond, obviously different surroundings, got injured, and (he) didn't have those core mates at his club where if he had have still been at Carlton, he would have had his mates around. But he's gone there and didn't get play a game.

"He'll go back to Perth and be with his mates and hopefully he'll be alright."

The former Carlton star said he spoke to Yarran's manager Paul Connors, offering a helping hand.

"I said to him if he ever needs anyone to call, give me a buzz, I've been through a fair bit of stuff myself," he said.

"He said that he's going to be okay. He's going back, he wants to be with his family in Perth."

Fevola took a point from Howie's recent podcast The Howie Games with former Blue Jake Edwards on the struggles of footy.

"I was listening to Jake's podcast yesterday, which was really compelling - great effort, well done mate, really touching stuff," Fevola told Howie.

"But at the end of the day it's not all about footy, it's not all about sport, it's about your health and wellbeing, and let's just hope (Yarran) gets on the right track and everything sorts out, because footy is not the be all and end all."

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