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The Lowest Draft Pick A Player Has Ever Been Traded For

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Footy fans were left a little stunned when Rhys Palmer made his way to Carlton for pick 135.

It's a fairly paltry sum - pick 135 has never actually been used in an AFL draft.

It means Palmer's been traded for the lowest pick in an AFL draft in history.

The next worst? It's actually three players.

Liam Pickering, Darren Steele and Leigh Tudor were all kicked off the top pedestal by Palmer - the trio were traded from North Melbourne to Geelong for pick 123 back in 1994.

We had another trade crack the top 10 this year, too - now-North Melbourne defender Marley Williams, who cost the Roos pick 105.

The lowest draft pick players have ever been traded for:

1. Rhys Palmer (GWS) for pick 135 (Carlton) (2016)
2. Liam Pickering, Darren Steele & Leigh Tudor (North Melbourne) for pick 123 (Geelong) (1994)
3. Luke Beveridge (Melbourne) for pick 122 (Western Bulldogs) (1994)
4. Dean Anderson & Chris Wittman (Hawthorn) for pick 121 (St Kilda) (1992)
5. Tim Allen (St Kilda) for pick 119 (Hawthorn) (1992)
6. Adrian Campbell (Western Bulldogs) for pick 114 (Melbourne) (1992)
7. Michael Scott (Geelong) for pick 113 (Melbourne) (1989)
8. Dion Scott (Sydney) for pick 111 (Brisbane Bears) (1992)
9. Dean McRae (North Melbourne) for pick 110 (Sydney) (1992)
10. Marley Williams (Collingwood) for pick 105 (North Melbourne) (2016)

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